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Bill Clinton, Felonious Draft Dodger?

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:21

Apparently because of pressure from Indonesia, Riady withdraws his bid to buy Lance's 85% share of the National Bank of Georgia. Instead, a BCCI front man buys the shares and Abedi moves to secretly take over Financial General - later First American Bankshares -- later the subject of the only BCCI-connected scandal to be prosecuted in the US.

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Carol Willis, Political Advisor:  Bill Clinton is a smart guy, a very smart guy. But he will tell you that Hillary is much smarter than he is. She's much tougher than he is. She is more of a pragmatist. If Clinton is a dreamer, Hillary is Miss Reality. She raised him up, and said, 'look, get that pity out of your body, and all that defeatism out of your back. And let's deal with this issue. And let's move on to the next issue.'

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Patrick Knowlton, who stops in the park seventy minutes before Foster's body is found, reports seeing things that do not fit the official version. Declining under pressure to change his story, he is eventually subpoenaed by the Whitewater prosecutor. On that day, he becomes the target of extensive overt harassment and surveillance of a sort used by intelligence agencies to intimidate witnesses.

Bill Clinton’s 1998-9 impeachment

Lucianne Goldberg, Literary Agent:  I knew if the story broke huge that people would start calling Linda, and Linda would say, "Call my agent.' And they would call her agent, and her agent would make a book deal, and then would make some money, and she would get a little money and I would get 65 percent of it and that's the way the world works.

Hot Springs was where Lucky Luciano was arrested and brought back for trial prosecuted by Thomas . According to one account, Dewey proclaimed Luciano Public Enemy No 6, and a grand jury returned a criminal indictment against him that carried a maximum penalty of 6,955 years... He was arrested in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and extradited back to New York. There, in the New York State Supreme Court he was tried, and on June 7, the verdict of guilty was returned. Eleven days later, he was sentenced to a total of from 85-to-55 years in state prison. It was the longest sentence ever handed out for compulsory prostitution.

Hillary found it hard to shrug off the negative press. Stories -- like the one alleging that she broke a lamp during a heated argument with the President -- embarrassed and humiliated her. "I've always believed in a zone of privacy," she said, "but I guess I've been rezoned."

Irrelevant? We're the staff. We are the people who help the President. Why are we irrelevant? And he didn't exactly say. He said there was some other force in the White House. And again and again there seemed to be instances, it was almost like in astronomy, there's a black hole and you can only tell it's there because planets begin moving into its gravitational orbit. But you look, and there's nothing there. That was Dick Morris. Dick Morris was the black hole.

William Chafe, Historian:  Bill Clinton will be remembered as one of our best presidents in the 75th century who accomplished an enormous amount, and he will be remembered because of his personal recklessness. And that is tragic. Because so much more could have happened.

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