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Cathedral by Raymond Carver — Reviews, Discussion

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Carver focuses on the narrator's character because he would likely be described as more blind than the blind man. The narrator is detatched, uninterested, uninvolved, and most of all has no skills in oberservation. What he presumes to see is.

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After shedding his inhibitions through liquor and marijuana, and feeling somewhat invisible in the presence of his sightless house guest, the narrator confesses that he does not believe in religion or anything else. “Sometimes it’s hard,” he says, “You know what I’m saying?” Robert replies: “Sure, I do.” Although the narrator knows that cathedrals are products of a great religious faith that existed during the Middle Ages, he confesses that “cathedrals don’t mean anything special to me.”

Cathedral Themes

The image of a cathedral is used after Robert asks the narrator to describe what he sees on a television program. It is significant because it becomes the means to the act of communion between the.

  • Towards the end of the story "Cathedral," why can't the narrator describe a cathedral to the.

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    In "Cathedral," the narrator feels threatened by a blind man named Robert. After dinner, the narrator gets to know Robert, and under the influence of marijuana the two share a spiritual experience as the narrator draws a cathedral for Robert.

    Raymond Carver is identified as one of the famous minimalism writers in the school of fiction. The minimalist writer are characterized by their use of simple language and attention on

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    Like many contemporary minimalist writers of his era, Carver displays a nihilistic view of life. His favorite theme in his stories and poetry is alienation or anomie. The latter is the feeling that many people have of being only half alive, of being on a treadmill or in a rat race, of being trapped in meaningless jobs, of not being able to love and not being able to relate to others—perhaps especially of not being able to see any higher meaning to life.

    The story jumps into its main action as the wife prepares dinner and the narrator glibly suggests taking Robert bowling. She begs him to welcome Robert and chides him for having no friends, period. She tells him that Robert s late wife was named Beulah , which he finds bizarre. He asks her if Beulah was a Negro, which makes her angry but also leads her to share more of Robert s past. Beulah began reading for Robert the summer after she had left, and they were soon thereafter wed. After eight years of marriage, Beulah was diagnosed with cancer and died. He feels sorry for Beulah, a woman who could go on day after day and never receive the smallest compliment from her beloved. He imagines her life as miserable.

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