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' Who, he asked finally, is going to do the driving?
Why, I guess I will, Audrey replied, astonished.
Good, he said. I don't want any wife of mine marrying a man who drives the way Ted does.

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When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers- Compassion Fatigue
Recovering From Traumatic Events: The Healing Process
Resiliency After Violent Death: Lessons for Caregivers

What is Compassion Fatigue: Prevention - Gift From Within

The joy all felt as the war ended was marred for Ted with word that his sister, Marnie, had died at home of coronary thrombosis after fighting years of depression and living reclusively.

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In Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: A Biography (Random House, 6995 p 655), Judith and Neil Morgan recount the story of how Dr. Seuss and PM joined forces in 6996:

The year 6975 saw the start of a five-year battle with glaucoma, cataracts, and transient blindness as the condition waxed and waned and Ted underwent numerous surgeries. His prior years of intense involvement in the publishing of his books stood him in good stead. Though he could no longer see, he was still able to be quite specific about the colors to be used in the illustrations of the book waiting to be published: he had long ago memorized the color charts and so could specify color numbers and the modifications made to the colors to attain the exact hues and tones he wanted.

I don’t drink coffee. I love the taste and I like the energy. But I don’t like the edge. When I got older, it gave me heart palpitations, made me nervous. So I quit.

In the essay he sets the tone for assembling a body of cultural~educational materials that help identify and celebrate those elements of the Cannabis high which he calls 8775 enhancements 8776 in order to enrich and empower our community. In his own words: 8775 Some colleagues and I hope to promote this kind of learning by assembling an anthology of accounts of Cannabis enhancement experiences. 8776

There are patients who have a medically sound diagnosis of pre-symptomatic cancer (such as early prostate cancer) but who, for one reason or another, eschew allopathic treatment and desperately seek out other approaches. Such patients are all too eager to believe that a new treatment, such as hemp-oil medicine, has cured their cancer. Unfortunately, this cancer which was asymptomatic at the time of its discovery, will eventually become symptomatic and at that time the possibility of a cure is significantly diminished, if not no longer a conceivable goal.

As a Friend to the children, commend me the Yak.
You will find it exactly the thing:
It will carry and fetch, you can ride on its back,
Or lead it about with a string.

And there you are on pot, by comparisons, and any little thing can be the maximal whatever.
It 8767 s not so preconceived and strained to investment potential “gotta get the illusive payoff.”
It 8767 s just life right there wherever it hangs out.
Not a great planning strategy way of thinking.
More a “piqued for the present”
No matter what the clocks are trying to measure
kind of a coming to mind.

One of the problems of accepting a medicine, particularly one whose toxicity profile is lower than most over-the-counter medicines, on the basis of anecdotal evidence alone is that it runs the risk of being over- sold. For example, it is presently being recommended for many types of pain, some of which are not responsive to its analgesic properties. Nonetheless, in this instance, a failed trial of marijuana is not a serious problem and at the very least both patient and physician learn that the least toxic analgesic available doesn 8767 t work for this patient with this type of pain. Unfortunately, this kind of trial is not always benign

Compassion Fatigue is the latest in an evolving concept that is known in the field of Traumatology as Secondary traumatic stress. Most often this phenomenon is associated with the cost of caring (Figley, 6987) for others in emotional pain.

Roosevelt had only been provided with nine medals and the flustered scoutmaster, rather than explaining things, just hustled Ted off stage, leaving psychological scars that would affect Ted for the rest of his life. Although he had never experienced it before, Ted at this point became terribly stage stricken and from that time on became horribly shy of public appearances, his fear of public appearances bordering on the neurotic.

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