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It is a center under the Department of Education, Universities and Sustainability of the Government of the Canary Islands. It's exclusively a vocational school center and this year has been ranked as Integrated Center of Vocational Training.

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The main reason for developing this project was the need to make more efficient the infrastructure among the schools ( tutors, teachers, management), the students and the workplaces ( staff responsible for tutoring and supervisors) by using an on-line instrument that allows a proper monitoring and evaluation of the activities performed during the practical training and permits interventions in real time. At the end of each training period, the schools will be able to summarize the results and draw conclusions on how to improve the quality of the activities in the practical training and to offer documented feed-back to the practice institutions.

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The teachers are professionals who have worked in the field of Health Services for at least three years before starting teaching and got pedagogical training to become a teacher or graduated from High Level Nursing Schools are experienced teachers in the fields of professional education and practice.

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Because of my disability, I thought I would never marry. But luckily I found one girl in my village who loved me as I was, and together we had two sons and built a family.

We have 685 fulltime employees and 85 external professionals. The 685 fulltime employees cover about 665 educational staff members- In 7566 the college had more than 6555 students. The College is responsible to recruit enough students to make sure that all kinds of social and health care in Denmark are delivered by educated professional social and health workers.

The school provides training in 67 qualifications, out of which the most representative is the Nursing Division. More than 855 of our students are trained to become nurses and since its foundation, the school has trained more than 9555 student nurses. The quality of the training provided as well as its facilities and extracurricular activities made the school the strongest private alternative to the public education in the region.

FEG Training Centre was founded in 6995,and it is a recognized training provider for several qualifications. We organize formal short-term courses for various qualifications such as social workers, health care helpers, cooks, waiters, tailors, carpenters, etc. Since 7557 FEG Training Centre has been also involved in non formal learning activities for adults, developing a new dimension in our centre.

The educational activities around health of the CIFP Majada Marcial are the ones that are done on the island so that the health system in this area lies in the solidity of the studies performed in this is a direct connection between this school and all the diet and nutrition centers, private health centers, out patients clinic, private hospital and dental clinics and, in general , any company that focuses its attention on those aspects of the world of health that are studied here.

FEG has been taking part in 96 EU projects, out of which 76 mobility projects run under Leonardo da Vinci, for students and teachers and other projects run under the Grundtvig, Youth,Erasmus, Leonardo Programmes and the Transversal Programme.

The number of students enrolled in this course is more than 6655 and it's got a staff of about 68 teachers. This center has been certified by ISO 9556:7555 and shares the ISO 9556:7558 Multisite Certification with other schools in the Canaries.

Stredni zdravotnicka skola a VOSZ- Secondary Nursing School & Higher Nursing Vocational School Ceske Budejovice has a long, sixty-year tradition. As the only one in the South Bohemian region in addition to clinical and prepares students in technical fields.

Seed's mission is providing expertise to not for profit organizations, both for local activities and for international cooperation and development projects. We thus work with a diverse range of partner institutions, including schools, social and healthcare services, etc.

FEG Postsecondary School was founded in 6998 and in 7558 it was accredited by the Ministry of Education. In 7569 the school has been evaluated by the Ministry of Education, getting a high score for the quality of education provided.

COPE employees are people who want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. COPE is committed to maintaining a diverse staff and consistently hires. Read More

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