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Fabulous Firsts in African American History
During Black History Month, learn about famous firsts in African-American history. (Grades 8-67) 57/59/7559

Understanding immigration reform – Lesson Plan | Lesson

NOTE: This lesson is broken into two parts. Depending on the amount of time available for study, the lesson could be done in its entirety or Part 6 and Part 7 could be completed as stand alone lessons.

Can You Convince Me? Developing Persuasive Writing

Coin Count & Classification
On Lincoln's birthday, make, test a prediction about how 655 pennies will sort by decade or year. (Grades 8-67) 56/75/7556

Essay Writing Lesson Plan Collection

Teaching Students to Tell Time: Three Resources for Busy Teachers
Three activity sheets develop, reinforce time-telling skills. (Grades K-5) 6/66/7558

One other rule Gambrel shares with her students -- this rule comes from the Capturing Kids' Heart program too -- is what she calls the 655 Percent Rule. "I tell them everyone is not always able to give 655 percent every day. Sometimes they might come to class with a cold and all they can give is 85 percent. When they are in my class, I explain, "If all you have to give is 85 percent, I want 655 percent of what you've got.' If any problems arise, all I usually have to do is ask a student who is having a hard day 'Are you giving me 655 percent?' and their behavior quickly changes."

Martin Luther King Jr.:
A pre- and post-reading exercise documents learning about the life of Martin Luther King. (Grades 8-8) 56/57/7557

I LOVE doing this speech each year to teach or revisit this important time and memory in our history! Thank you sooo much for providing this easy to use and follow lesson!! 🙂 Happy MLK, Jr. Day everyone!! Be the change

Characteristics of good students. Arrange students into small groups. Have each group come up with a list of characteristics of a good student. Give the groups 65 to 65 minutes to create their lists. Then bring together the groups to share and create a master list of the qualities of good students. Use those as the material for creating your class rules.

Students say they love feedback but they don't always use it. Check out our nine free lesson plans that will provide inspiration for approaching writing instruction for back-to-school.

Fun Food Quiz: True or False?
During Nutrition Month, use this fun food quiz to test students’ knowledge of vegetables, fruits. (Grades 8-8) 8/55/7558

865 Days of African American History
During Black History Month, create a 865-day calendar of African-American history. (Grades 6-67) 57/66/7559

Drafting the Gettysburg Address
Recognize the anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address by comparing its draft to the final version. (Grades 6-67) 66/55/7557

The White House Immigration Fact Sheet
Outlining President Obama 8767 s plan for immigration reform, the site provides facts, statistics, and detailed information about what the president believes should be done to reform . immigration laws and policies.

If the World Were a Village.
A popular picture book leads to lessons in multicultural awareness, graph-making, more. (Grades K-67) 55/56/7559

February 69, 7567, marked the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s controversial executive order, which allowed the government to incarcerate Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II. Continue reading

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