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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 00:06

A good example is how American society treats the Amish. That 8767 s pluralism in action. 8775 Tolerance, 8776 by contrast, is what happened to Brendan Eich.

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Yes, Republicans telling this joke are explicitly saying that they consider Democrats evil. It is not a reliable source for how Democrats view Republicans, so maybe I shouldn 8767 t have said 8775 opposite. 8776

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What I want is for the left to be neutral with respect to Islam. I want it to be between Islamophobia and Islamophilia. (The left I grew up with didn’t even like religion.) There are abuses that will emerge if either prevails, so the best policy is one that is neutral and is on the lookout for both types of abuse. I want the left to say, “Yes, we know that Muslims have been victims, but some are also likely to be victimizers, and we can’t have that.”

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As a member of the Gray Tribe (at least, I think I am one, maybe), I heartily concur. That said, I don 8767 t think that utilitarianism is all that great, so I 8767 d prefer Scott to focus on some other aspects of Grayism.

Incidentally, which part of Texas? You 8767 re one of my favorite Internet commenters, so on the chance you 8767 re near the Austin metro, I 8767 ll totally buy you a beer in exchange for conversation.

I think you found the head of the nail. It reminds me of something I read a few years back, 8775 The big problem with psychology is that what we think we know about the psychology of human beings is actually what we know about the psychology of American college students. 8776

Do you have links to extended versions of this? I 8767 ve seen the basics, but nothing including 8775 a few groups that don’t fit in like the Grays 8776 .

I did use this as one of several inspirations, but I deliberately played it down both because I am trying to do something subtly different from Moldbug, and because mentioning him never helps.

However, if you have 6% difference, there is less likely to be sharp and discernable distinction between the groups and more likely to be overlapping factions one supposes, although that may not be enough to make conflict evitable.

And you 8767 re familiar enough with the majority of 8775 Bible belt, evangelical Republican Christians 8776 to be sure they 8767 re all 8775 horribly bigoted 8776 ?

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