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Now that we have reviewed some of our shortcomings, we can turn to a positive agenda for the future. What can we Christians do that will make a significant difference in our society away from The Last Temptation Jesus and toward the biblical Jesus?

How to Write an ACT Essay: Step-by-Step Example

The required sections of the ACT take 7 hours and 55 minutes. If you opt to take the optional Writing (essay) section, you will add an extra 95 minutes to the end of your test. The key concepts tested on each section of the ACT are as follows:

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The vast majority of students applying to colleges that require or recommend standardized tests to be submitted for admissions consideration need not worry about anything other than what you read above. Yet, for a small and elite group of top students, additional test scores are necessary to report (in addition to exemplary grades, impressive extracurricular activities, a well-written application, and in some cases, a strong interview) in order to get into America's very best colleges. A handful of colleges - the likes of Harvard, Stanford, and Georgetown, among others - require or recommend that students submit their SAT and/or ACT results AND submit scores from one or more tests known as SAT Subject Tests.

And then the arrest, the trial, the crucifixion, the last temptation. And Scorsese's Jesus rejects the path of the material for the spiritual, the human for the divine, the peace for the struggle. The triumphant sound of "It is accomplished!" lingers as the scene fades to black and the credits roll.

Yet, the testing agencies responsible for the SAT and ACT hardly make things simple because they don't report to you your raw score (at least not directly in top-level summaries available on score reports). Instead they put your raw scores in the oven - they cook them! Instead of calling your final scores on these tests your cooked scores, they call them your scaled scores. Receiving cooked scores probably would rub people the wrong way. Go figure. Yet, how the SAT and ACT cook their scores is completely different. The SAT inflates and the ACT deflates.

Many students, depending on their particular strengths and weaknesses, will perform much better on one test or the other. Consequently, prepared students will study for both tests by purchasing and completing timed practice tests included in The Official SAT Study Guide and The Official ACT Prep Guide. Next, students should sign up for and take the SAT and ACT at least once each in order to gauge which test casts them in the best light.

This is how Kazantzakis related Jesus' uncertainty: "He wanted to open his mouth and ask the Invisible: Lord, are you pleased with me? but did not dare..Surely the Lord must be displeased with me, he suddenly thought, shuddering. But why am I to blame, Lord? I've told you, how many times have I told you: I cannot speak! But you have pushed me more and more.."

Challenges such as The Last Temptation of Christ indicate that we are headed more and more swiftly past open ridicule and discrimination toward oppression, persecution, and eventual ostracization from society.

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