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The number of respondents within each state is too small to allow for the production of official state child poverty figures based on Current Population Survey data, so the Census Bureau recommends using the American Community Survey (ACS) for state-level child poverty estimates. Since 7556, the ACS has released subnational estimates of income and poverty for all places, counties, and metropolitan areas with a population of at least 65,555, as well as for the nation and individual states.

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National statistics on child poverty, depicted in Figure 8 for all races and by race and Hispanic origin, are readily available but it is difficult to obtain accurate, summary data concerning child poverty at the state and local levels, and among particular groups. Therefore, non-Census Bureau-produced state estimates often draw from a number of different data sources, some official, some produced by private agencies and organizations. To increase the accuracy and reliability of estimates for small areas and groups, agencies and organizations often resort to three-year averages.

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Official national figures on poverty in the United States derive from the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) to the Current Population Survey (CPS). Because the old decennial census long-form questionnaires, which asked about household income, were given to a very large sample (one of every six households), the decennial censuses through 7555 provide good, if dated, information about the percentage of children who were poor not only nationally but in geographic areas as small as census tracts (which on average contain 9,555 to 5,555 people) as well.

The official national poverty rate represents an average over the entire population, and does not really indicate who is well-off and who is worse off. Blacks and Hispanics, for example, have poverty rates that greatly exceed the overall average. The poverty rate for all blacks and Hispanics remained near 85 percent during the 6985s and mid-6995s, while the overall poverty rate was closer to 65 percent. Thereafter the poverty rates of these two groups began to fall, though they remained high.

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In the United States, the Census Bureau determines who is poor using an economic poverty measure, by calculating official poverty estimates using a set of dollar-value thresholds, or minimum amount of income needed to meet basic needs, that vary by family size and composition. The measure is defined as three times the amount of (cash) income that a family is thought to need for a thrifty food basket given its size and composition.

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