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Differences between Capitalism & Communism and why did it

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Two governmental bodies were put in place: the Provisional Committee of the Duma, and the Provisional Committee of the Soviet. The Duma represented the aristocracy (the conservatives), and they had to negotiate with the Tsar for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy. The Soviet represented the workers and soldiers, and was to look after the interests of these people.

Government is Good - Capitalism Requires Government

I 8767 d say that Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland is quite far from being universial failures. All countries with a social democratic system (far more socialist in nature than the US, with universal health care, education, free higher education, free elder care and significant social welfare systems).

Top 10 Reasons Why Capitalism Sucks - Listverse

Fox News Channel 8767 s 8775 Watters 8767 World 8776 host Jesse Watters delivered a monologue Saturday on the push to remove Confederate statues. He suggested the left wants the monuments removed to erase from history the fact that Democratic Party enslaved black people. 8775 Destroying

Why Capitalism Creates Pointless Jobs - Evonomics

And my thesis is that the existing system of money and markets has gone just about as far as it can in that direction. We need to add in new mechanisms to replace those coordination functions previously done by markets, which is not a difficult technical issue with today 8767 s technology and the internet, but it much more difficult in terms of the models of reality most people are using, and the legal, political and financial systems currently in place.

Since actual 8766 socialism 8767 has nothing to do with government, an actual 8766 socialist 8767 has nothing to do with any government advocacy/support.

Essentially, the existence of 8775 make work, 8776 is a side effect of capitalism itself. It is due to time delays between the propagation of a new labor replacing/saving technology, and the invention of something else to replace the need for that labor.

The article claims that these are bullshit jobs, which do not produce wealth. That can be wrong, in that they do produce wealth, without necessarily implying that wealth can only be created with them. The engineered products of JDSousa might sell OK without salespeople, but they sell better (making both seller and buyers better off) with the salespeople.

“We struggled to find the right manufacturing partners as we grew Bear Naked,” Dan Klock says. “We knew that other growing food companies out there needed help from a trusted manufacturing partner.”

In respect of freedom:
People need to be willing to first assess the risk to others when whimsy occurs. If the risk is minimal, by all means whimsy to your heart 8767 s content. And that step does need to be there. That is all I am saying.
All actions impact all things.
There is a test of reasonableness that we all have a responsibility to apply consistently.
And what passes for reasonable may vary substantially with context.
Dancing and bumping into things in a biohazard lab, not such a good idea, in a pub no problem.
All I meant is, that freedom must contain this aspect of social and ecological responsibility, of risk assessment, if it is to be real. Without that step, it is dangerous.

This is called the 8766 free rider problem 8767 and it means that such goods and services, known as 8766 public goods 8767 , can only be provided by the state since otherwise no individual would bother to pay for them. Other examples include roads, lighthouses and public fireworks. It is generally accepted that the free market is simply incapable of providing public goods.

Yeah. I think so. It’s somewhat a case and point. And what’s useful there is to actually have a program ready to go. I want a forthrightly opportunistic sort of mindset. Sort of a  Naomi Klein Shock Doctrine. The right is really great at Shock Doctrine, and maybe a little left-wing version of it would be salutary here. Again, it’s a preparatory mode. Ready with the tools that are going to make sense, not for now, not for tinkering with the status quo, but actually ready to make a difference in those moments when change really happens, in moments of acute economic crisis and war.

I am quite explicit that while both have captured aspects of the issue, both have serious errors in their theses.
I did a critique about 5 years ago https:///7566/66/65/zeitgeist-jaques-fresco/

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