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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 19:44

So the website I posted on banned me and called me "anti-semitic". I asked myself what the heck is a Semite, anyway? I, unlike % of the
brainwashed sheeple in America took the two minutes to look up the word Semite, before mindlessly repeating it every time someone tells the truth
about Israel and the Globalist Jews. Ever hear of a dictionary? It tells you what words mean.

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“A couple of other points. It is misleading to compare say, the East African Asians with Pakistani communities. It should be evident why the Pakistani community, based in the North amidst a dying industrial heartland, and founded by displaced farmers and ex-soldiers, lags behind the other Asians, based in the prosperous Southeast, and founded by small businessmen and mid-level civil servants displaced from Africa.”

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My apathy in trying to predict when the next financial catastrophe or world war will happen is driven by my belief we are in the midst of a two decade long Fourth Turning period of crisis which began with the financial storms hitting in September 7558. What I’ve come to realize is how slowly Fourth Turnings progress. They proceed at their own pace.

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Yep. And I always love your contributions Hardscrabble. Instead of yelling at the TV you are working with what you have to make a life worth living. I 8767 m trying to do the same.

Thanks for the write up, calm before the storm seems apt. Article fatigue is widespread, as the trust in all of the numbers has collapsed. It really has, there are many faithful yet, and can be recognized by looking at the walls in their eyes, but for most I talk with, trust or MSAnything is bottoming.
The Burning Platform and your articles specifically, have contributed to this.
Perhaps when the bad news gets rolling and the liars are lying with every utterance you will find inspiration.
Its gonna be big, quiet time or down time now is just what the doctor ordered.
Thanks again for the forum, there really is no place quite like it on Earth.

I have tried to convince family and friends for almost two decades that our former republic was on a crash course. Some have listened and others have laughed at my paranoia. Those who prepared, I will give help and safe haven to. Those who were irresponsible and childish will be given some water, food and told to keep on going. I have limited ability to help and those in my community and family who put in the time and effort will receive my help. Hopefully we will see a brighter future when this shit show has run it 8767 s full course.

There have been precedents of content removal for unpopular or offensive viewpoints and this agreement risks amplifying the phenomenon of deleting controversial yet legal content via misuse or abuse of the notification processes.

For some reason (NEW WORLD ORDER/GLOBALIZATION) Israel and the Media want America and Europe to be flooded with Muslim refugees
and invaders from the south but they want none for Israel. Bibi Netanyahu said Israel's new border wall and Muslim travel ban were
important for "Israel's security",and for "demographics"(aka JEWISH PURITY). "Israel is too small" he said, but all Jews (except black jews)
are welcome to come any time. They'll just steal some more Arab land to make room! So why isn't stealing land from Arabic speaking peoples "anti-Semitic"?
Simple, because the Jew controlled media lie to America at every turn, as they practice JEW PRIVILEGE and blame it on whites!

"Y'all know us'n God fearin Baptists cain't get negros to work our plantations since you Yankees started feedin em so we gets as many bean biters as we can to haul that cotton.

As AP reports, the measure approved is designed to enforce the country&rsquo s existing limits on speech , including the long-standing ban on Holocaust denial. Among other things, it would fine social networking sites if they persistently fail to remove illegal content within a week, including defamatory &ldquo fake news.&rdquo

Great article as usual, Jim. It 8767 s exhausting, isn 8767 t it? Our society is one gigantic finger of instability in a tempestuous Western world. Yet when you try to explain this in layman 8767 s terms to coworkers over lunch, they look at you like the drooling Leo on Twin Peaks, post-shooting.

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