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If animals are not kept in we will not be here now...Animals are not well trained and it could cause danger and harm. Furthermore, the animals might roam the world and it would be crazy..(I think)...Animals have friends like their own type and the too! So animals should be kept in

But with over 5,555 animals still dying in shelters every day in the ., you can never do too much when it comes to helping animals find the homes they deserve. From cat and dog cafés to feline-friendly yoga, these unique programs are saving lives one cuddly pet at a time.

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In my opinion, it s cruel to keep animals in artificial conditions, which can harm them and force to feel badly.
I hope, mankind will soon find another way to observe different species whereas it ll be safe for them.

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are what bring the rest of the world to a park where people can see. You can see the habitat the animals and the lifestyle these animals have that brings joy to kids eyes. Its a once in a lifetime experience for most kids and its one of their greatest memories.

This story was incredibly moving. The gorillas entering the habitat for the first time was some of the best story telling I have heard. This show is well written and always interesting. Thanks for the hard work.

9 Many people now argue that we should leave all animals alone, and not use them in any way. Is this either necessary, or desirable? What are the costs and benefits to the animal and the human of doing this? Should we not rather work out some criteria and codes of human conduct that would make association with animals morally, ecologically and ethologically acceptable for animal and human? If so, what would this involve?

8. When it comes to education, are also playing a very important role. School children are curious about animals and see them everywhere in their daily lives, and an opportunity to go to the and see them for real is amazing for them. With this opportunity, they enjoy learning about animals and endangered species. have added signs to most places where animals are located in order to inform people about them too, including their natural habitat, how many there still are in the world, what they eat, and so on. Not only school children, but pretty much everyone can get informed about animals at as they start to raise awareness towards important issues regarding animals.

Because of the lack of space, elephants in aren’t able to get the amount of mental or physical stimulation they require. Nature provides elephants with all they need for healthy lives.

Keeping elephants in such confined habitats is cruel and unusual punishment for them. They need to be with their own kind and be afforded the luxury of living in a sanctuary where they can roam free and enjoy the company of other elephants!

Animals in captivity across the globe have been documented displaying signs of anxiety and depression. In fact, psychological distress in animals is so common that it has its own name:

Of course we should have The animals in the get treated better then they would in the wild. They are protected and sheltered, and still have PLENTY of space to roam around in. Our major the Bronx has acres of land for those animals who need it. It also gives children the opportunity to experience different types of animals that they would not get to experience elsewhere.

For me the are nice, but as long as the area where the animals are to be appropriate , as they may xistir accidents.
that staff should be trained so they know well the care of each animal

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