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Dr. George Yancy is a professor of philosophy at Emory University. He has written, edited and co-edited numerous books, including Black Bodies, White Gazes, Look, a White! and Pursuing Trayvon Martin, co-edited with Janine Jones.

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The impacts of a mother's patriarchal beliefs are especially devastating to a daughter&rsquo s personal development and individuation process. Daughters are more likely than sons to see their mothers as victims of their own un-lived dreams, of lack of opportunity or having been devalued by men. Because of the daughter&rsquo s sympathy for mother&rsquo s plight, she is more likely to absorb her mother&rsquo s pain as her own, creating a toxic enmeshment that directly prevents her ability to flourish in her own life. The more unconscious and severe the mother&rsquo s own unhealed wounds are, the more threatened she will feel by her daughter&rsquo s separateness and individuality. Thus, the mother/daughter bond may be forged in an environment of pain that keeps both stuck.

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However, the view that they are the greatest band of all time seems objective to me. I refuse to even enter into a discussion that there is a band that brought together the following different facets in such a complete package: popular success, popularity, influence, originality, being pathbreaking, writing their own music, being larger than life, having sustained popularity to this very day, versatility = successfully changing their style several times, consistency (even most album filler is excellent stuff).

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That and the fact that they went from three chord, two minute pop songs to harmonically, chordally, innovatively sophisticated four minute soundscapes. Oh, and by the way, they did this all by the time they were in their late twenties just a thought or two.

Patriarchy is about power at all costs. One way that power has been gathered is through rigid ideas of what is right and what is wrong. But in truth, there is no absolute right or wrong, just a multitude of preferences and consequences. By increasingly dissolving the charge of polarizing concepts such as right/ wrong and good/bad, infinite possibilities begin to open up and individuals can make choices that are truly authentic and right for them, without fear and shame.

I live and die for the Beatles..I was 68 when they formed and lived in Beirut, Lebanon They were big there before the . I absolutely loved these guys. My husband can 8767 t stand them(he is 67) and don 8767 t get it. How can anyone not love the Beatles? Beats me.

I found myself obsessed with his condition. I tried to imagine what it was like to move through the world with an unfamiliar face. I thought about what it would be like to wake up in the morning, in the groggy space where you’ve managed to forget things, to forget your whole life, and then snapping to, realizing: Yes, this is how things are. Checking the mirror: still there. I tried to imagine how you’d feel a little crushed, each time, coming out of dreams to another day of being awake with a face not quite your own.

The dynamics between mothers and daughters that cause pain all have one similarity. It doesn&rsquo t matter whether a mother is neglectful on one end of the spectrum or invasive on the other end the same patriarchal message is conveyed, which is that compliance is required in order to be accepted. One could say that that is the core message of patriarchy to both men AND women: You will not be loved unless you obey. This message permeates us from all facets of society: education, religions, governments and media.

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