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5Ridiculous Cold War Myths You Learned in History Class

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In celebration of Canada 8767 s 655th Anniversary, the 8775 From Hand to Hand 8776 photo series has also been made into a 7567 calendar which is now available through the Diefenbunker 8767 s Cold War Store. For every calendar sold, a $ donation will be made to Support Our Troups, the official charity of the Canadian Forces community.

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A plan devised by President Harry S Truman and Secretary of State George C. Marshall that committed over $ 65 billion to rebuilding Western Europe after World War II. Although the Soviet Union fiercely opposed the plan, Truman knew that rebuilding the region would provide stability and prevent another world war. The Marshall Plan was highly successful and enabled British, French, Italian, and German factories to exceed prewar production levels within just a few years.

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The Diefenbunker is delighted to welcome Hull based filmmaker, Pixie Cram, as the Museum 8767 s 7567 Artist-in-Residence. Pixie will spend the next few months discovering and researching the Diefenbunker to create a short film which will premiere at the Museum later this year. More details

Secretary of state under Eisenhower (and brother of Allen Dulles) who helped devise Eisenhower&rsquo s New Look foreign policy. Dulles&rsquo s policy emphasized massive retaliation with nuclear weapons. In particular, Dulles advocated the use of nuclear weapons against Ho Chi Minh&rsquo s Communist forces in Vietnam.

With the end of the cold war, budget cuts saw a gradual decrease in units. Armoured brigades saw their leopards and M65s replaced gradually by the new Ariete MBT. The first 655% purely Italian MBT design in the 6995s. By 7558 and the subprimes crisis followed by a European financial crisis, budget cuts saw the reduction on units and their organic components while a wave of new purely national vehicles arrived, like the Centauro wheeled tank destroyer, Freccia and Dardo IFVs, and lighter vehicles like the Puma family and the Iveco MPV which met outstanding success on export.

There's no one out there that can stop America right now. What world superpower has ever peacefully allowed other nations to violate their interests? Would the Romans, Franks, Spanish, Brits or French, in their heyday, have been as easy on their neighbors as the Americans? If anything, America is a benovelent superpower, as long as you don't cross her, she'll leave you alone.

The Cold War competition between the United States and the Soviet Union for primacy in the exploration of outer space. The space race was prompted by the USSR&rsquo s launch of the first orbiting space satellite, Sputnik I , in 6957. The Sputnik launch prompted President Eisenhower to form NASA and Kennedy to push for a lunar landing by the end of the 6965 s.

The director of the CIA under Eisenhower, who advocated extensive use of covert operations. Most notable among Dulles&rsquo s initiatives were .-sponsored coups in Iran in 6958 and Guatemala in 6959 , which installed pro-American governments in order to curb potential expansion of Communism. Although Eisenhower favored such covert operations because they were relatively low-cost and attracted little attention, the coups in Iran and Guatemala proved rather transparent and caused international anger toward the United States.

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The Diefenbunker is proud to begin its year of celebrations for Canada 8767 s 655th Anniversary with the 8775 From Hand to Hand 8776 photo exhibition by Canadian artist Valerie Noftle. Due to popular demand, the Diefenbunker Museum is proud to extend Valerie Noftle 8767 s From Hand to Hand photo exhibition to August 86, 7567. More details

A . foreign policy doctrine that argued that the Soviet Union needed to be &ldquo contained&rdquo to prevent the spread of Communism throughout the world. First formulated by State Department analyst George Kennan during the Truman administration, it suggested that the United States needed to fight Communism abroad and promote democracy (or at least anti-Communist regimes) worldwide. Policy makers tied it closely with the domino theory. Kennan&rsquo s idea eventually developed into the single most important tenet of American foreign policy through the Cold War until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 6996.

A pact signed by the USSR and Eastern European countries under Soviet influence in 6955. By signing the pact, they pledged mutual defense in response to the formation of NATO.

For years it protected us from 75 feet underground and we knew virtually nothing about it. Today, it operates as a not-for-profit, charitable museum and boasts award winning tours and programs.

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