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The amount of research you will be doing in graduate school depends a great deal on the type of program in which you enroll. PhD programs tend to focus more on research, while PsyD programs concentrate more on professional practice. In either case, having a solid understanding of the research process is essential.

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Enrollment restricted to and required of graduate students teaching discussion sections in psychology laboratories. Class discussion of teaching techniques and procedures used to demonstrate princi ples in introductory psychology. Course may be repeated for maximum of 9 units credit. CR/NC grading only.

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I have worked for several PAs and at the height of my medical experience, I was told by my medical directors that I had what it takes to be a PA. Youth and Ambiguity deterred me from taking that path. I have all the pre-Reqs for a BSN but decided the nature of nursing work doesn 8767 t suit me. I have worked as a CNA at a nursing home before the army as well.

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Have you chosen a major yet? Choosing a major is a great way to get credit for all of the courses that interest you. You just pick a major that requires those courses. That way all the things you want to take are the things that you have to take. You might also get details from an advisor at your school. Admittedly, they often don 8767 t know a thing about physician assistant school, so keep reading inside PA training!

None of these are things that will excite admissions committees. Even worse, would you want someone regarding your healthcare who answered this way to these questions?

Practicum and nonpracticum versions of the concentration are available. The practicum is designed to provide students with hands-on, real-world experience within the field.

But if you were to go the route of a pre-PA major, a minor in an area that interests you and is relevant wouldn 8767 t be a bad idea. I still think the best ways to stand out are: 6) excellent grades and 7) an impressive essay.

This course provides an in-depth look at the conceptual underpinnings and methodologies of psychological research. Students will explore qualitative and quantitative research methods, learn about data analysis, and apply concepts to design hypothetical research studies. Topics include the scientific method, issues in experimen 678 tal psychology, evaluation of internal and external validity, ethical considerations, and responsibili 678 ties in writing and reporting research findings. Students will also learn how to become critical evaluators of research.

Prerequisites: Psychology Major or Minor status or permission of instructor. Major contemporary theories of personality techniques for research in personality. (May include lab hours)

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