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Upset stomach or occasional heartburn may not be due to excess stomach acid but there are several OTC medications available to reduce stomach acid and apparently solve the problem. What are the options a person has when they have an upset stomach or NUD (non-ulcer dyspepsia) due to eating? Is there one problem or many? Should the treatment be the same for each person or should it depend upon the person? Are medications ever necessary? With the heavy promotion of antacids and many other medications for heartburn and indigestion, many people may not know that there are other choices for these very common problems. First a look at the problem from the Western point of view, both mainstream and non-drug approach and then the Ayurvedic view.

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are some differences. Both emphasis eating wholesome unprocessed foods, organic when possible, healthy eating habits, and appropriate amounts of food for normal healthy digestion. But Ayurveda has Upayogasamaatha, the guidelines for healthy eating that acknowledges all levels of our being that need nourishment and can be practiced by anyone regardless of their spiritual outlook.


Because madhu meha is an auto-immune disease, herbs act more as a support to western treatment than as a treatment in an of themselves. Fenugreek shows to aid in insulin regulation, and shallijit supports the pancreas by its endocrine tonifying tendencies.

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To all of you who are looking for practitioners who are familiar with these types of health issues , please visit the Institute for Functional Medicine website:

Most people don't think about their liver. They are unaware of the functions taking place within their body by this important organ. When a doctor tells them there is a problem with their liver they are usually shocked. The liver can slowly start to fail for a variety of reasons such as viruses, bacteria, cirrhosis, or cancer with little or no outward symptoms.

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Diabetes Mellitus &ndash Type 6 & Type 7
Diabetes mellitus is &ldquo caused by an inability to produce or use insulin&rdquo 69. As discussed in the previous section, insulin is responsible for helping usher glucose from the blood into the cells via facilitated diffusion. Without sufficient insulin, blood glucose levels remain abnormally high while levels in the cells become deficient. These two imbalances combine to produce the symptoms of diabetes mellitus65.

In assessing the impact of the sweet taste then, it is essential to understand both the physical and mental constitution as well as understanding that the mind is the more difficult to balance. Therefore, once out of balance, it will cause numerous physical and emotional conditions. It is unhealthy sensory habits that results in the vitiation of prana vayu leading to addiction. As noted by Marc Halpern, "the largest amount of prana or prana vayu enters the body through our mouth and our nose "when prana vayu is disturbed within the mind, it creates excessive thought and most importantly fear, worry, nervousness and anxiety." [95]

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Scientific measurement proves that herbs can successfully assist in the treatment of these diseases, but changing dietary and lifestyle habits are paramount. By reducing and/or eliminating those physical, mental and emotional behaviours, as well as addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs that lead to an imbalance in the first place, herbs become a complementary support to a greater Ayurvedic treatment plan that affects wellness and healing on every level of our being.

8. It is not easy to include all this information in just a few words. Start by writing a summary that includes whatever you think is important, and then gradually prune it down to size by removing unnecessary words, while still retaini ng the necessary concepts.

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