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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 05:26

Special education is not a “place:” rather, it is a set of services. The district’s goal is to partner with families regarding the individual needs of children.

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“Everybody kept telling them, ‘stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong,'” newspaper adviser Emily Smith told The Post. But with the encouragement of the superintendent, the students persisted.

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Are you ready for school? School supply lists for all students in grades K-8 should now be available on each school&rsquo s website. Check out the School Supply Lists page of the district website for links.

The National School Public Relations Association recognized Lake Washington School District&rsquo s videographer with an Award of Excellence in the 7567 Publication and Electronic Media Contest.

While the high school junior was leaving track practice Tuesday night, he learned in a group message with his newspaper staff that Todd Wallack, a reporter for the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team, had tweeted  the students’ story, saying: “Great investigative work by high school journalists.” Balthazor sat in his car in the parking lot and immediately called his mom to tell her the news.

When contacted by the Kansas City Star after the publication of the students’ article, Robertson said all three of her degrees “have been authenticated by the . government.” She declined to comment directly on students’ questions about her credentials, “because their concerns are not based on facts,” she said.

In a conference call with the student journalists, Robertson “presented incomplete answers, conflicting dates and inconsistencies in her responses,” the students reported. She said she attended Corllins before it lost accreditation, the Booster Redux reported.

“A new school year is about to start. Unfortunately, every student, from pre-kindergarten through the 67th grade, will be impacted by the horrifying events that took place last weekend in a community — Charlottesville, Va. — that is near and dear to my heart," said AASA Executive Director Daniel Domenech.

This 95-second video shares Superintendent Ember Conley’s handling of the opioid overdose deaths of two teen students and how she exemplified what it means to be a public voice and calming presence for the parents of her district during that trying time. Watch the August Extras video now.

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