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Many thanks for your good materials for IELTS study.
I would like to ask something regarding expressions in the introduction part of writing task 7.
Some recommend expressions such as 8775 This essay agree that.., Firstly, this essay will discuss., Secondly, it will discuss other .. 8776 in the introduction part.

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But southern delegates worried that, even if geographically neutral in form, taxes on exports would negatively affect their region, the &ldquo staple States,&rdquo from which most exports came at the time. And they didn&rsquo t hide their fear that export taxation making agricultural products like cotton more expensive and therefore less attractive could be used to attack slavery.

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It’s more complicated than that, Rich. Radioactive waste that is carefully sequestered from the environment is much less worse than millions of tons of solar waste that isn’t. No industry does a better job of caring for its waste than the nuclear power industry (not to be confused or conflated with military nuclear weapons waste). Already discussed here: https:///home/discussion/postcarbon/controversy_explodes_over_renewable_energy/#comment-8975677577
and here: https:///home/discussion/postcarbon/controversy_explodes_over_renewable_energy/#comment-8969996566

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For example, what is the cost of a relatively unlikely risk that has major consequences (a nuclear meltdown)? And how do your value the loss of use of the area that is radioactive for a certain period of time? THe real cost of FUkashima is hard to quantify the Japanese were still simply flushing seawater over the core and dumping highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean the last time I checked. What is the effect and how do you quantify that risk and cost?

The United States Senate is the lynchpin of the American constitutional system, and it is the most powerful upper chamber of any bicameral legislature in any country in the world.

To conclude, although social networking sites have brought individuals closer together, they have not had the same effect on society or local communities. Local communities should do more to try and involve local people in local activities  in order to promote the future of community life.

This is asking if you agree OR disagree. You can 8767 t both agree and disagree it 8767 s not possible. The instructions don 8767 t ask you to discuss both sides. So, choose your opinion and explain it in the essay no other information is required. A balanced view does not discuss both sides, it presents a specific opinion. If you find that difficult to understand, don 8767 t try. You can still get band score 9 choosing one side.
All the best

I find it more effective to write a problem and its relevant solution in the same paragraph rather then discussing all problems in one paragraph and all solutions in the second. However, both methods are correct and acceptable as per my knowledge.
So do you think this essay is worth ?

Given that they are generated in vastly larger volumes, are in a much harder to contain physical/chemical form, contain toxic constituents that *never* decay away (., last *longer* than nuclear waste) and are disposed of with infinitely less care, *most* of our other waste streams will actually pose a large hazard over the very long term than nuclear waste will.

Your website is super helpful and informative for those of us who aim for a high band score in the IELTS. Thank you for taking your time to publish all these sample essays! I have two questions though, and I was hoping you 8767 d be able to answer them. Nothing too important, just something things I 8767 ve been wondering while studying for the IELTS:

The nuclear power industry is dying. I 8767 m interested in things that work for the very long term, and the only ones that do are renewables. Nukes may help as stepping stones to that future, but there are vast question marks over that.

I am also siting on 85th May. If you do not mind, we can share our Writing with each would help to both of us, as we can have different writing style and ideas.

Thus, the modern Foreign Emoluments Clause&rsquo s text departed from its Confederation-era predecessor in two distinct ways. First, the modern Foreign Emoluments Clause, unlike its predecessor, expressly permitted Officers... under the United States to accept gifts from foreign governments if those officers had the consent of Congress. Some believe that this subclause introduced a substantive change, but others believe that it merely codified the prior practice of the Articles Congress.

Although the point is often overlooked, most of the constitutional rules governing lawmaking need no judicial enforcement. The House of Representatives, for example, does not attempt to claim the power to make a law without Senate involvement. Nor do the House and Senate believe that their bills have the force of law even if the President has vetoed them. The rules of bicameralism and presentment are so entrenched in our constitutional system that it would be unthinkable to disregard them.

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