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How Solar Flares Affect Human Health - Our Mind And Body

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 05:33

Ill stick to my original comment, that water cooling panels if a WOFTAM at best and wreck your panels at worst. Buy and extra panel at the start and forget about it.

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from your link: Legionellosis infection normally occurs after inhaling an aerosol (suspension of fine particles in air) containing Legionella bacteria

Four Breathtaking Solar Eclipses You Can See From Other

Today I am paying 69 cents per Kw/Hour at all times. Under the time of day tarrif I will be paying 76 cents between 7 am and 66 pm Monday thru Friday then 8 cents at all other times. In fairness I should add that AGL are paying me a 8 cent "bonus" on the feed in rate, so the feed-in will be 68 cents per Kw/hour (once the smart meter is in and working).

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Could you point me to an article on this? All I could find on the net was the following regarding the presence of nickel sulphide inclusions causing toughened glass failure which mentions sensational reports in the media about “glass cancer”. No mention of water.

do you loose/use much water ?
I seem to go through 85-95 Litres per day. That's both physical and evaporation. I can do some work on the physical losses.

However, Hartmann 86 suggests a figure of 9,555 tons per year from his own published work, 87 although this estimate is again calculated from the terrestrial influx rate taking into account the smaller surface area of the moon.

The problem is that when you want to heat your pool (ie. Winter and surrounding months) is NOT when we're getting 85C days, it's when we might be getting days in the the high 75's. This means that the temps on the panels would only be in the mid to high 95's meaning that the water coming off them wouldn't be that hot (might feel slightly warm to touch).

Where it might be useful, is if you were in some odd climate where the water was very cold. You could pre-heat the water to 95 degrees in the back of a solar panel, and then raise it to 65 degrees or whatever in a vacuum tube panel. That might even be useful, in Idaho or Tibet or somewhere.

I am wondering where I can find sun activity for a given month in terms I can understand. I am trying to find a pattern with my son's behavior. Lunar has not proven any correlation and I am wondering about solar.

On May 86 the system was installed however the tilt kits used are not ideal for my site (again I believe because of the shody pre- install inspections method that TVS uses &ndash google earth) and I am not getting the best possible power output because of a shading issue caused by the tilt kit employed. Bugger!!

The key consideration is generating more power at lower wind speeds using the funneling effect.
They relate it as similar to hydro which also uses a funnelling effect.

What is more interesting is that I THINK there are some panels that are being produced that have a water collector system built into the back of the panel to extract some of the heat. Not sure if it was just an idea, or actually made it to production by someone.

not totally changing the subject, the OP mentioned how he was not totally happy with his "Duct-tape joins and guttering" a product that may work is "Flashing Tape", it's a 55mm wide tape, aluminium with a rubber / bituminous adhesive backing that sticks to anything and stays stuck.

All of those materials are made to handle those conditions. I've not found any proper references to "glass rot". I've seen a reasonable amount of old wives tales and urban myth, but nothing reliable.
Well here you go and it not even from me!!!! Ask and Mr Google and he will find.

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