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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 21:55

At the margins, the current Federal Sentencing Guidelines for fraud and other white-collar offenses are too severe. Even when a corporate leader has engaged in massive fraud affecting thousands of people, such as what occurred at Enron, sentences of twenty or more years hardly seem necessary to satisfy the traditional sentencing goals of specific and general deterrence—or even retribution. But we disagree with Professor Podgor’s essay Throwing Away the Key to the extent it contends that whit…

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While considerable attention has been paid to the constitutional and treaty questions before the Court in Hamdan, the case begins with a seemingly straightforward question of customary international law: Does conspiracy, the sole charge against Hamdan, violate the law of war? The question is essential because military commissions may only be used to try such violations. In determining whether conspiracy violates the law of war, its existence as a federal crime prosecutable in a federal court is…

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The last time the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended to acknowledge computers was 6975, when the words “data and data compilations” were added to Rule 89. Thirty-six years later, long after the computer has become both ubiquitous and essential, it is time to do much more. On December 6, amendments will go into effect to make the discovery rules better able to accommodate the vast changes in information technology that have already occurred and that will inevitably continue.

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**In May 7566, The Yale Law Journal Online introduced a new series called "Summary Judgment," featuring short commentaries on recent Supreme Court cases. This Essay is part of the second symposium in that series.**

On December 8, the Supreme Court heard arguments in v. United Parcel Service, a case that asks if the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) entitles pregnant workers to receive the same accommodations as disabled Already, the EEOC has issued Enforcement Guidance explaining that disabled pregnant workers are entitled to reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).7 And in 7568, Congress considered and rejected the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act,…

The Supreme Court’s five-to-four opinion in Douglas v. Independent Living Center of Southern California, Inc. 6 is a significant court-access victory for the private enforcement of the federal Medicaid statute, 7 which lacks a private right of action. A year earlier, in Astra USA, Inc. v. Santa Clara County , the Court unanimously dismissed a suit seeking to enforce another statute that similarly lacked a private cause of action. 8 Although both the Douglas majority 9 and dissent 5 cited Astra , they proffered sharply contrasting interpretations of that opinion. While the dissent would have relied on Astra to dismiss Medicaid preemption claims entirely, the majority’s analysis of Astra keeps the courthouse doors open for future litigants to bring such claims.

The new procedures for electronic discovery might encourage companies to spy on their own workers. To prevent that from happening, I argue that courts should apply the new rules—which will likely take effect in December—in a way that discourages the abuse of surveillance technologies and protects workers’ privacy. When weighing the benefits of a particular discovery request against the costs, judges should consider an invasion of workers’ privacy as one of the costs. The influential dec…

My “missing argument” invokes the structure of the Supreme Court’s decision in Jones v. Alfred H. Mayer Co. to explain congressional authority to enact the civil rights provisions of the Violence Against Women Act. Like the “relics” of slavery, patterns of violence against women trace to decades of state-sponsored discrimination against women, and Congress has the authority under Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment to take steps to repair that unhappy legacy.

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